Friday, September 26, 2008

a quick little post

I have to make this quick because I amcatsitting for a friend and so tryng out the indian restraunt by her house that I have always wanted to visit. So, I have to go pick up my order shortly!

This week has been crazy! I had to mmove out of my house for a few days while the floors are sanded so I am jumping between catsitting jobs and then back to y aunts until wednesday when it should all be done!

Oh and the reason my typos are worse then usual is because my friend's computer is a laptop and I am super bad at tping on laptop computers!

wow, this looks like a lol post!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's been a while. My life has been pretty darned crazy in the last two months, so here's a quick recap:

July, decide not to go to Mich Fest this year :( , find out I can't live with Hugo Buffo and The Collector, and subsequently don't know where I will live come September, then find out I can because they are buying a house. Yay! Finish up my English class...with an A!! Double Yay!

Early August, after returning from a Boundary Waters Trip I get to packing. This shouldn't take so much work in a studio, but it does. HB and C find a house and make an offer, they get it and we start making plans.

Mid-August, start cleaning the house. Filled with the smells of nicotine, dog and dying people, this takes about 10 paid helpers, a weekend and a week of a lot of painting with Kilz. And, p.s., it still smells pretty rank in some places.

BUT...the wood work is beautiful, the outside was redone recently so there is no work to be done there, and now Winifred T. Katt has an awesome big house to play in and catch mice in! Oh, had I left out the mice?

Late August, we move in, but can't unpack because we are having the floors redone at the end of September, so most of my stuff sits on the porch while the dining room, living room, study, extra living room and front room are filled almost to the ceilings with boxes and furniture! We all moved from smaller spaces, so why does it seem like our stuff takes up more space? Probably because we all have a fair amount of books (I have the least of my family, and I have about 3 book cases worth). Quit my job at the mall because I don't have the time for it. Classes start. I have been randomly selected by the government to have my taxes, FAFSA, and other stuff compared to make sure I'm not lying. This will take 4-6 weeks, and I can't get any financial aid till then. So, it looks like I will be dirt poor until the end of October. No Soup for You!

Early September, life is a whirl-wind of new bus schedules, digging out warm clothes, remembering how to do homework and adjusting to a new work schedule. Also, mourning the loss of my good friend from last semester, who moved to NY and got a job in the industry right fair.

So, hopefully, I will get back to blogging more, and I will try to post some pictures of my crazy life.

(The first picture is one of the two "staging areas I had in my apartment - I had over 40 boxes and lots of loose ends. The second picture is from when I was cleaning the base boards in The Collector's room, by far the worst smelling of the bedrooms. It has since been primed and painted a lovely shade of blue (but a different blue than it was already))