Friday, March 27, 2009

A Busy Week

Well, I've been busy since getting back from Seattle. On Monday my flight landed at 3:30, but they didn't let us off the plane till 4. Then I had to rush home and drop off my luggage and then back on the bus to go to class! It was Acting for the Camera, and we shot a page long break-up scene. It was actually the funnest class we've had so far this semester, and I got to act as well as direct.

On Tuesday I had work and then class and then had to pick up equipment, transport it to my church and then get the hourcar back to it's parking garage all during a very rainy day! On Wednesday I went to work, had to stay late to wait for a delivery, which made me late to class, where I realized I had not finished my project that was due, so during the break I had to fix one thing and then burn it to DVD. But then I screened it and it was well received. After class I went to my church and along with the help of Comrade Landlord and a classmate, filmed an interview for the Stewardship Documentary I'm working on. That night I decided the film I had shown in class wasn't quite right, so I spent some time reworking it and figuring out how to post it to facebook (after writing this I'm going to put it up on my FilmAching blog).

On Thursday I borrowed my aunts car for the day and sent out the newsletter at work, picked up and returned the equipment and went to class. Then I picked up my aunt from work and went out and had some dessert while she had dinner.

Next I went home and watched the latest episode of my new favorite TV show, Kings. It's like a post-modern Shakespearean history. And I really mean POST-modern, because it takes place in a fictitious world, not unlike our own, but I think somewhat post-apocalyptic. Anyway, I love the drama, and the "fools" played by the two guards are very Gildenstern and Rosenkrantz-like.

Anyway, this morning we did a sound recording in my sound for image class, and now I am blogging. SO there! that's my week!

remember to check out my video! And I will post pictures from Seattle soon, I promise!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick One: Writing from Yesterday

Walking in Seattle today, I got the feeling that the entire city is under construction.  (It's not)  Part of this is, I'm sure, due to the shift of seasons - construction season has begun across the country.  But I knew that couldn't be all of it... and then I saw them, I mean, really saw them.


Running above the streets, holding up traffic lights, random cables strung between lamp posts.

Living in the mid-west where our soil is soft and our landscape flat, the only time you see wires like this is when something's under construction.

The architecture had its affect on me as well.  It feels different then what I think of as Minneapolis architecture, with a much stronger asian influence - I don't know why I think that it has an asian influence, I just do - and the thing is that we have a lot of similar bulidings back home, built in the last 10 years or so.  But many of these buildings are condos, and because of the economy and what not, they stand half empty, the fussiness spaces devoid of anything other than concrete.  It's been like that for a few years now, so I guess when I see sleek looking asian influenced condo buildings, I think no one lives there.

But Seattle is still one of the most expensive places to live, even with the recession, and though I don't know much about economics, I I think I have a good grasp on the supply and demand theory - If people didn't demand the living spaces in Seattle, the supply would stay the same (or grow like in mpls) and prices would go down...

so, that's my first bit of "noticing" in Seattle, it appears to be under construction to me, but really it's not, I'm just not used to the landscape.

p.s. I got drenched yesterday in a 15 min downpour.  crazy! ... but kind of nice in it's own way.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Life and Times...

Thought I should post a little, since I haven't done so for a while, but not sure hat to write about...hmmm...

Well, here's what's been going on: 

School: I'm taking four classes (one of which meets twice a week) and I really enjoy all of them, which is great. That's not to say that they all go well all the time - a crummy test score here, a poor filming job there - but I feel pretty stuffed with information at the end of the week.

Church:  I am now on three committees; CE, Stewardship, Centennial Planning.  I like being on committees and helping to plan events and what not, but it also means being required to go to church certain Sundays, which I find makes me want to go less.  I take that as proof that I should not be a minister.

Gym:  I got a membership to the YWCA in January and have been going pretty regularly.  But, I was having a hard time going everyday because i can talk my self out of things pretty easily.  So I made a Lenten Devotion out of it.  I decided that for Lent I am going to go to the Gym at least 5 days a week.  The first week didn't go so well.  I was super sick and since it was hard to breath out of my nose, I decided it better to use the time for sleep.  But this week I've been feeling quite a bit better, and I went Mon. through Thurs. and am going to go today, too!  On Tuesdays and Thrusdays I have a class called Chisel! (there's really an exclamation point) I like i a lot.  It's strength training with some cardio built in and it changes every time s I never get bored. Plus we listen to music that has a good beat to keep you going.  

I discovered that music is the most important part of my workout - surprise surprise.  I went a few weeks without an iPod, and I couldn't believe how hard it was to get going on the exercise bike, not to mention keep going!  Now I am figuring out which songs are the best to keep me motivated and moving fast.  I can't wait for my MNCare stuff to pull through so I can go to the doctor. I really want to know what the deal is with heart rate, cause I have to work really hard to get my heart rate up on the bike.  

Travel:  I decided I needed a vacation, and what with Spring Break coming up, I decided to do something fun, just for me!  So I booked a plane ticket and a hotel for Seattle!  

OK, I know a lot of people go to sunny beaches for S.B., but really, does that sound like something I want to do?  Instead, I'm going to a city  near the ocean, a walkable downtown and lots of fun cultural stuff.  So far my most exciting plan is to see Wings of Desire at the Seattle International Film Festival Cinema, and maybe a few other films as well.  (Don't worry, I'll blog all about that on FilmAching).  The hotel I'm staying at is awesome with a super hip-artsy feel to it.  I'm also going to email a couple people I know out there to try and get together, but really, this is more a trip about me exploring the city by myself, having a nice adventure! 

So, thats' a bit of what's going on with me. I may be a little absent again because I have a 6 page paper due Thursday and a new editing project to work on...not to mention a documentary I'm making for Stewardship...hmmm, I better get cracking...But I'll try to keep you "posted"!