Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Monday Musings

  • It’s snowing like a banshee, but I don’t seem to mind.
  • The snow seems to have a time warp affect, which makes me feel as though I am inside a snow globe where the day flies by, but outside time is standing still.
  • The weather also makes me want to socialize, oddly enough. Wanting what I can’t have?
  • My new phone… so exciting! Could this be the end of forgotten engagements and wasted time on the bus?!
  • Family… with Mommy and Daddy working, I can no longer pretend that they still live a few miles away. Seeing a movie with the Comrade only made me long for those summer days of going to matinees in almost empty theaters even more. Radio silence from Cordelia Knits – just her way of getting things done.
  • School… how long before I’m done again? How can it be that in only 4 months I’ll have helped produce and edit two short films, as well as put on a student showcase? No rest for the wicked… or something like that.
  • Having supervisor’s seek and appreciate my input is a highlight in my week when it happens. I feel like this is both contrary to my generation’s reputation to thinking everything they do is amazing, and right in line with our propensity to be happiest when authority figures are pleased with us.

That’s it for now. Just kind of felt like sayin some stuff… probably because I am deprived of having my daily stream of consciousness conversations with Mommy!