Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why you should never trust a school computer and Mugs continued

Well, I look like an idiot. I just rushed all the way up to the 5th floor for my geography class which starts at 6...but no one was there. That is because the computer lab clocks are all 1 hour ahead of schedule! What the heck!

OK,so now I am back, and here is mug #3: Another big blue mug, but even bigger then my Edgecomb one. This is a more classically shaped mug and has a flora silhouette design. I got this form Target on my annual trip to stock up for Fest (this is not to say that I only make one trip to target a year, quite the contrary, but This one is devoted solely to camping gear and things I think will make me look cool or feel good while spending three weeks in the woods) I thought I would lose it or brake it, but since I kept forgetting it in my tent, it was pretty safe.

#4: this is the tea cup-like mug which I acquired in Michigan, but is not of Michigan. It is a Starbucks mug that Cordeliaknits' roommate sent with her to give to me. This is a good mug for anything in the morning since I usually don't have time for much, so it keeps me in check. It also says 'inspire' on the inside, just under the lip. This way you see it once you have taken your first sip, and instantly remember to inspire people!

Travel mug (#5): Oddly enough, I also acquired this in Michigan from my sister and our friend chnacat. Chnacat had brought the mug for Cordelia, who ended up not needing it, so they past it on to me. This is a good mug, but unfortunately it does not close all the way on top (there is a little drinking hole), so it is bad for the bus and walking and sticking in my bag. Do they make an easy to clean, hot liquid-friendly closeable travel mug? That would be good for me.

I also remembered two more real mugs-

My starbucks mug (#6): this one actually says starbucks and is also from Gayle, cordeliaknits roomie. She forced me to take it home with me from Berkley when I was visiting last spring. This is because they have lots and lots of mugs and needed to get rid of some. I also think Gayle just likes to give people useful things. She also gave me some regifted coffee. How long does ground coffee last? I still have some left...anyway, I keep the starbucks mug at work, which is why I didn't think of it right away.

and lastly, my 'A' mug (#7): This is a very special one to me which I also keep at work. A friend I had in high school, Siri, gave it to me for my 18th birthday. Although I have not been in touch with Siri since I graduated, I will always remember thinking what a great gift it was. It was the first birthday party I had in years (see a future post to find out why celebrating b-days with friends is hard for me) and I had invited friends from school and from my youth group, maybe about 15 people in all. Most of them had never met before and it was pretty weird for everyone. But what I remember most was that I only got about three gifts where I thought, "Wow, they really know me." That mug, handmade by a Vis Kid at Arts High, was one of them.

So, there you have it. I will try to be better about posting during Advent, I promise!

Mug Meme

Well, my mother has chastised me, as she is want to do, and also tagged me to post about 7 mugs in my kitchen. Here's the thing: my kitchen is about the size of most peoples coat closet. So, I have 4 mugs, 1 travel cup and 1 tea cup (actually, one of the 'mugs' is more like a tea cup, but not as dainty, so I call it a mug)

Mug number 1: My big blue mug which I used this morning for hot cocoa. This is a wonderful Edgecomb Pottery mug which I purchsed on one of my summer trips to Maine, previous to me parents moving there. This mug came from Maine to Minnesota, then out to New York with me, then back home to Minnesota where it has survived 3 moves! It's a trooper and I love it!

#2: also from edgecomb, it is pink and is tall and skinny and curvy. This one is really good for warm apple cider, but only if I finish it- it is very hard to clean!

#3: Another big blue mug...

yikes!! You will have to wait for the rest because I just saw the time, I have class in 2 minutes!!