Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring is Here, whoa-whoa-whoa

So much going on lately, sheesh! I'm really only posting this because I am putting off writing an email to the director of one of our projects, because I really dislike her and just want to be done with this project already so I never have to speak to her again!!!! ugh.

School is...meh. But there's only two weeks left, so like my mom always says, "in two weeks it'll be over, no matter what happens!"

This coming Saturday we are having a BIG party to celebrate the end of the year. It's gonna be pretty epic since we are starting at 2pm and going to at least 2am!

And speaking of Epic, we're all trying to make sure we have everything perfect by May 14th so we can submit to the EPIC Fest, the film fest our student club puts on at the end of the year to highlight student work (that's on May 30th). We are having it at the Bedlam Theater, which is a fabulous location and I can't wait!!

Meanwhile, I went up to Luck this last weekend for my great-Aunt and Uncle's estate sale where I scored a ton of awesome stuff, including a salad keeper and a covered cake pan!! Saawweett!!

Tomorrow the community choir I have been singing with will be doing our first full concert of the year for a retirement home, so I'm pretty pumped about that. That's where the title of this post came from because we are singing a 60s medley that includes "Going to the Chapel" ... Birds all sing. as. if they knew!

Anyway, it's time to bite the bullet and write that email. I probably won't be back for a couple weeks, so have a good one!!