Saturday, September 29, 2007

quick post from MOA

While I am on brak for lunch, I thought I would write a little post! I am working this morning/afternoon at my retail job (I haven't thought of a good code name yet, any suggestions?) and it is going pretty slow. This is surprising because it is fairly gloomy outside which usually draws people in. Anywho, I am excited because I found a present I can get the rents for x-mas-but I am not telling what it is since they read this! Hopefully at christmas I will get a picture and put it up. I also got a pilot cap with antenna on it for my halloween costume. surprisingly, a hat made for a toddler fits my enormous head, but I think it is just stretchy. I am hoping to start knitting something soon because I am inspired by the cool weather which is a sharp reminder that there are only three months of knitting to go!!! So, start putting in requests, and we'll see if I can get to any of it!


Auntie Knickers said...

House of Really Large Sizes? (as code name for you-know-where)
I was going to suggest that we (a) draw names in the extended family and (b)emphasize home-made presents -- although that sucks for you younger folks as your skills at making things are so much greater than mine.

Onkel Hankie Pants said...

What a coincidence. I bought a present for someone just the other day. Will she open it first?

By the way, did you know that "rents" is part of the Huespeak vocabulary? ("Libe, tonight?" Naw, the rents are down from the Cits and they're taking me to the flick at the Grand." Huespeak was a language used at Carleton College in the 1960s. One of the most important words in Huespeak, za, is about to be included in the new editions of American dictionaries.