Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mug Meme

Well, my mother has chastised me, as she is want to do, and also tagged me to post about 7 mugs in my kitchen. Here's the thing: my kitchen is about the size of most peoples coat closet. So, I have 4 mugs, 1 travel cup and 1 tea cup (actually, one of the 'mugs' is more like a tea cup, but not as dainty, so I call it a mug)

Mug number 1: My big blue mug which I used this morning for hot cocoa. This is a wonderful Edgecomb Pottery mug which I purchsed on one of my summer trips to Maine, previous to me parents moving there. This mug came from Maine to Minnesota, then out to New York with me, then back home to Minnesota where it has survived 3 moves! It's a trooper and I love it!

#2: also from edgecomb, it is pink and is tall and skinny and curvy. This one is really good for warm apple cider, but only if I finish it- it is very hard to clean!

#3: Another big blue mug...

yikes!! You will have to wait for the rest because I just saw the time, I have class in 2 minutes!!


Auntie Knickers said...

I did wonder after I tagged you whether you had room for as many as 7 mugs -- good for you for keeping it down to that.

celeste said...

photos, please.