Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei

OK, so this is one of my favorite pop-dance songs OF ALL TIME!! Granted, since I am not much of a pop-dance song fan, I guess that isn't saying much, but seriously, this is awesome! They are a Moldovan band (don't let people tell you they are Romanian, they are just super popular there) and this song has had a lot of international recognition. The best part is that the english translation of the lyrics seem kinda stupid, like they arn't going anywhere...but really they are very sweet, and I think a great contrast to the american boy band songs that make it very clear they ARE asking for something!

"Hello [on a cellphone], greetings, it's me, an outlaw,
I ask you, my love, to accept happiness.
Hello, hello, it's me, Picasso,
I sent you a beep [cellphone signal], and I'm brave [or strong],
But you should know that I'm not asking for anything from you."

Anyway, even if you don't enjoy the song, turn down the volume and just watch, because this is a great music video, too!

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