Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Five: Summer Reading

Woah, its been a while, huh? Well, here is a little Friday Five, brought to you by Songbird from the RevGalBlogPals:

Song Bird Writes:

Back in the day, before I went to seminary, I worked in the Children's Room at the Public Library, and every year we geared up for Summer Reading. Children would come in and record the books read over the summer, and the season included numerous special and celebratory events. As a lifelong book lover and enthusiastic summer reader, I find I still accumulate a pile of books for the summer.

This week, then, a Summer Reading Friday Five.

1) Do you think of summer as a particularly good season for reading? Why or why not?

Yes and no. As an older child (I couldn't really read on my own until 3rd grade) I loved to lay around with a book, fan positioned right in front of me, on a hot summer day. And leisurely trips to the air conditioned library were always welcome. Now, working two jobs and taking a summer class, I don't really find much time for it I'm afraid...or at least, no more time then I have the rest of the year!

2) Have you ever fallen asleep reading on the beach?

I can't say that I have. For one thing, I don't fall asleep that easily, especially not in public. Plus, if I am at the beach, I am either in the water or keeping an eye on children, as I am usually there in an official capacity as nanny or camp counselor. I did have a child fall asleep at the beach while I was reading to him though!

3) Can you recall a favorite childhood book read in the summertime?

I am one of those people who re-reads books on a regular basis, but some books are just better in one season or another. The book I re-read every summer or two is The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. This is the least favorite of the Narnia books of many I have spoken with, but I think somehow the characters resonate with me. They are all lost throughout most of the book, but in each other they find a piece of the home they have been looking for. It is good for summer because it begins in a hot country.

4) Do you have a favorite genre for light or relaxing reading?

If I need something to breeze through I like to either re-read a Tamora Pierce book (fantasy) or pick up a not too trashy romance novel, like the ones by Julie Kenner

5) What is the next book on your reading list?

Right now I am reading A Wrinkle in Time and so the next logical step would be A swiftly Tilting Planet, right? My mom kind of read these to me, but I think she must have tried it about a year to soon, because I remember it going straight over my head and not wanting to tell her I didn't get what was happening. As a more mature reader, I now see that you aren't always supposed to know what is happening, which I actually like.


Songbird said...

I came to love The Horse and his Boy when I read it aloud to my husband, who did not read the books as a child. It's really a delight. The characters are beautifully drawn. And I am all over the Talking Beasts!

Mrs. M said...

I didn't read the Madeleine L'Engle books until I was an adult. They're fantastic.

Oh, and for not-too-trashy books, I love Julia Quinn and Jennifer Crusie.

Diane said...

I didn't read most of L'Engle's books until I was grown up, either. (except, Wrinkle.) But love to read and re-read them now!

Diane said...

also love your blog title :)

Certified Healing Coach said...

I *loved* Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret! and now that you mention it, I think I did read it right before school started again.

Thanks for reminding me of it!

Processing Counselor said...

Writing on my list.