Saturday, October 23, 2010

church baby

Tonight was the big dinner celebration for my church's centennial. It was a big todo, and I saw many dear friends... but that's not really what i want to discuss.

I was thinking tonight that I am a church baby. When I was a baby I was, most likely, past from hand to hand, lap to lap, among the people of our church. I recall helping to collate, fold and staple mailings in the church office from a young age... and then being taken to the subway on Nicollet ave. with my mom for lunch by the minister.

Any of this sounding familiar yet?

After confirmation I was snatched up by the Mission Board to serve as a committee member as a 9th grader (I remember feeling very unqualified to determine where money should be spent, and switched to the music and arts board as soon as I could!).

I sang in church, I asked for prayers and made announcements. I was active in youth group and choir and babysat for many families in our community. Eventually I even subed as secretary during the summer months.

If you are a church baby, you know what I'm talking about.

And I realized that once I have quit working as a church secretary, I'm going to need church more than I have in recent years. Without the familiar sense of wacky community and tradition based organization, I know I would flounder and maybe lose my way.

So wish me luck in Maine. I may have to do a little church shopping to find the right temporary church home.

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