Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Bullets

Well, I've been a bit absent, and I apologize. I don't have much time because I have a few things yet to finish up for school, but here is what my life has been like, bulleted below for you!

  • Monday, Dec. 8th -- read my screenplay in class, got some awesome constructive critcism from my classmates and trudged home in the beautiful falling snow to watch The Take (see FilmAching).
  • Tuesday, Dec. 9th -- went to work, came home and met with the contractor who was there for something...can't remember what though since there has been so much! A new sink, new pipes, new outlets (ah, that must have been it) and tomorrow he'll be back for a working dryer!
  • Tuesday, Dec. 9th: Night -- Slept for two hours in the afternoon, watched some TV and then a second viewing of The Take and then writing...writing...till about 2am when I finished! One down, three to go!
  • Wednesday, Dec. 10th -- work, school - last Documentary History class of the semester - hand in the paper, discuss the merits of sound effects and music in documentary and film in general after viewing Koyaanisqatsi, get home, watch Jackie Brown and pretty much go to bed.
  • Thursday, Dec. 11th -- work, home, sleep for three hours, TV, start second Jackie Brown viewing around 10pm, write Jackie Brown paper. 1:30am, start finishing Burn After Reading paper. 2:30am start writing Final Coen Brother's paper -- Finish at 3:30am!! (yes, I wrote an entire paper in one hour, but it was pretty short and I had outlined it already)
  • Friday, Dec. 12th -- school, hand in three papers!! Watch Kill Bill Vol. 2, go to screen writing pitch practice for feature length screen-writing students (yawn) go home, watch some tele. Asleep at 5:30pm...
  • Saturday, Dec. 13th -- wake up at 8 after 14 and half glorious hours of sleep, start cleaning like crazy for a cookie baking party that only two people show up to - which is fine cause it was fun anyway and there are more cookies for me!
  • Saturday, Dec. 13th: Night -- go to a fancy dress potluck that was really fun until I (apparently) got some sort of migraine which has never happened before and felt really icky!
  • Sunday, Dec. 14th -- church, lit the advent candle, watched the Christmas Pageant ("Moo! Moo! Mooove over and make room for the Christ Child!" so cute!), go to Herberger's for the first time(not impressed), go to lunch, take a nap in the car while Annalee got a Christmas present for Comrade Landlord's (which means me, too!), go home, sleep for a few hours, go to the Cedar Cultural Center and see the Neal and Leandra Christmas Concert! (more on this later when I get the pictures up, hopefully tomorrow), trudge home through the very swiftly falling snow and bitter cold.
And that brings us to today, trudging back to the bus stop, just missing my bus, almost freezing off my thighs to get to work.

I have one little thing to do for screen-writing, and then I'm done for the semester!! Woot woot!!

MommyKnickers comes on Wed., CordeliaKnits on Saturday and DaddyHankiePants next Tuesday! EEEEEE!!!!

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