Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Joys, Part 1: Orange Juice

Greetings from the very cold City of Lakes!
Did I tell you (I must have) that I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer?! It is the most glorious thing! And if that weren't enough, I asked for, and received for Christmas the juicer attachment! Last night I set it up for the first time and made fresh squeezed orange juice for the morning....

to side track a moment...I am sitting in my office writing, and my pen jar just MOVED! All by itself!! I think it is the ghost of secretary's past telling me to get on with my life and leave for the day! Soon enough....

Back to orange juice! As you can see, it took me 2 oranges to get about half a cup of juice. I used navel oranges which I am beginning to think was my first mistake. Next time I will buy Valencia and see what difference it makes. Still, this was a perfectly suitable amount for a morning brightener! The other mistake, and I am sorry I didn't take a picture because it would have made a good one, was that the bag of oranges I got was tinted orange! So it looked like they were really ripe, but they weren't!
You may be thinking that one of the oranges seemed to release more of it's mass, which is true. The ripe one was much more useful for juiceing. After the first unripe orange there was less then a third of what there was at the end, so it really did make quite the difference!

Anyway, this morning I dragged myself out of bed and went right downstairs, grabbed my juice out of the fridge and drank it as I made the rest of my breakfast - oatmeal with almonds, waffles with raspberry-rhubarb jam and hot cocoa! It was delish, and I really think it helped me be a little more productive at work today. Yay!! (P.S. Sorry the last pic is flipped, I really do need to leave sometime today!)
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