Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Student Film - Finally Here!

YAY!! I totally just finished my last class of Film and Video 1 (a.k.a. Cinema Production 1, as of next fall) by "handing" in my music video project and my 16mm Chase Scene...

and now, for your viewing pleasure...


conceived, directed and filmed by Elinor Strandskov
Music by Ozone


So, I hope you enjoy it, and I will try to put my ellipsis project up as well. I wish I could show you my 16mm, cause I really like it, but unless you have a projector, that'll have to wait till I have the money to put it on tape!


Onkel Hankie Pants said...

Okay, now I wouldn't kid a guy about this. I would say, sincerely, that this is the best movie I've seen since I shared a seat with my sister in the front row of the Embassy Theater in north Minneapolis to see The Time Machine starring Rod Taylor. It was 1960, and the theater was packed for the kiddy matinee. But if this movie had been included on the program - perhaps with a catchy title like Overqualified Pizza Chefs Rock!, there would have been lines around the block.

brotherdontknit said...

I thought it was quite good. The framing and angles were very clean. Synchronization worked well too. I liked the backwards part too -- it was just mannered enough to show that you were having fun with technique, but not so overbearing as to disrupt the narrative. Next time, I'd like to see an extreme close-up of the pizza. Why don't we get to hear the song that is stuck in the pizza's head, Elinor? Huh?