Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things that bother me...

Knowing that I will soon have to go back to fretting over every receipt after my root canal

Actually being excited about a root canal (no more soft food! Yay!)

Knowing I am done with this semester, but not really feeling like it

Knowing I didn't do as well as I could/should have this spring

Not having the energy to clean my apartment

My apartment being messy, therefore sapping my energy

Wanting it to be this weekend and then next weekend...

Knowing that when I get to Berkley I will have to clean

Wanting to go out and celebrate, but not having the $$$

Even more then celebrating, wanting to sleep and sleep and sleep...

Pets dieing (other's, not mine, but still too sad)

Nosey non-members who should try not being so rude

Again, money...

Mr. Bush: 'nough said...

but here's some more;

Why am I, poor, voting, tax paying, good citizen that I am, only getting $300 from the stimulus, and people who are NOT below the poverty line getting $600 or more...? I feel punished for being young, working hard, going to school and not having gotten myself pregnant!

OK, that was my bit of a rant. I havn't had a real one for a while, so I think it's good to get it out. Seriously though, how do you go from $1000 in your bank account to $100 in two weeks? I've got two words for you people: school. bills.

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brotherdontknit said...

Sorry things are a drag. We'll go out and do some celebrating when I get back.