Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

Here is a picture of the gloves I bought myself yesterday. These are to hold me over until I get the ones I want from L.L. Bean (they are on my wish list for Christmas/Birthday, but if I don't get them then, I will order them after said holidays, especially since I want the hat on my wish list more...*hint*hint*).

I really like these gloves because:
a. They are convertible to mittens so my fingers can keep each other warm!
b. Even the thumbs are convertible! This allows me to pop just a thumb out to play with my iPod at the bus stop, something I couldn't do last winter and so resorted to using my nose!
c. They were cheap! Well, for Target gloves at least - they were $9.99, which is pretty good considering all the features!

Yes, it has become obvious here in the Twin Cities that Christmas is indeed coming, and how! On Sunday as I waited for the bus to take me to church the streets were quiet and the only things rushing were the little snowflakes. I could just imagine them, flying around in a frenzy, singing "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

Later on Sunday I saw an ad for the Macy's Minneapolis 46th Annual Animated Holiday Show and Santa Claus at Macy's SantaLand!, which is of course actually the Dayton's 8th Floor Show, but since the Macy's takeover has been re-named...but don't get me started on that! Still, it is always a wonderful show and this year the story is A Day in the Life of an Elf, so I am sure there will be some spectacular displays. If you have never been, have no fear, it is a tradition for me to go every year, so I will post something really good about it closer to Christmas (I think going before Thanksgiving is a bit much).

Yesterday the snow actually stayed on the ground in the morning! It's funny how gray wet weather makes me gloomy-- unless there is snow involved, and then I get happy and excited!

Three numbers run through my head today:

34 days till MommyKnickers arrives! 41 days till Christmas Eve! 42 days till my birthday!

Of course, one reader in particular should note that it is also only 17 days till the first day of Advent...*hint*hint*nudge*nudge*

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Auntie Knickers said...

Hey, it's time for another blogpost! And now, it's only 4 weeks till my arrival! EEEEE!