Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year, New Joys, Part 2: New/Old Friends

One of my more recent goals has been to make new friends. Not because my "old" friends are lacking luster, but because I just haven't made many new friends in a while. I mostly chalk this up to being a Capricorn. We like to have a small group of really close friends. But it can also be attributed to the fact that I have not chosen a typical college route for myself. Most people I know went to college and lost touch with most of their high-school friends, which was OK since they made new life long friends at school. Well, my three best guy-friends stuck around town, so we kept in touch and remain close, and my other two BFF's are still pretty present in my life (well, one is really present and the other one floats in and out, but that's how its been since 7th grade, so I'm not concerned).

But this winter I made TWO new friends! And both are pictured below!

The first (in the foreground) is my friend Randi, who I have actually "known" since 9th grade. Well, since I left my first high-school and lost touch with all those friends (which I still get bummed about) I hadn't seen or spoken with her in 7 years! That's a long time at my age.

Then through a bizarre set of circumstances, we started hanging out in October, and have hung out weekly ever since! One Wednesday she called me and we were both like, "Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you for so long!" and then we realized we had hung out on Saturday. Crazy! So anyway, Randi has definitely been a great new addition to my friend pool!

The second Friend in the picture is Natalie, who is roommates with my friend Mike. She is super funny and we hit it off right away. We haven't hung out much, probably because we met right before the holidays a.k.a. right before my world got turned upside down with visitors! But, nonetheless, I am counting her because we always say we should hang out when I see her, and we should!

The third person in the picture is of course my friend Pat, one of those three frineds from highschool I mentioned earlier. Although it's nice to have these new people around, I would never think of forgetting my old Arts High buddies whom I share so many great memories with!

**P.S. The picture is from a Fancy Dress party that Mike and Natalie (and Mike's GF Rachel) hosted in December. Pat chose not to compli.**

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Auntie Knickers said...

Remember the Brownie song? "Make new friends, But keep the old, One is silver and the other gold." My Brownie leader was Swiss and taught us this verse: "New-made friends, Like new-made wine, Age will mellow and refine." May it be so!