Sunday, June 24, 2007

How My Weekend Has Gone

On Friday I went to a bar with some friends for the Arts High 2002 5 year reunion (I graduated in 2003, but it was a small school). But that bar sucked, so we all went over to the Hexagon Bar (where I ran in to a few of my brother's friends) and hung out there for a while.

On Saturday I went to Breakfast with arts high friends at the French Meadow Bakery and then back home for a nap. In the evening I went out to Prior Lake and babysat for two very sweet girls. The only problem was that I didn't get home till after midnight, so now I am a bit tired.

After coming home from singing at
PPUMC (which went well by the way), I played some Mario and then took elliott and emily to PRIDE, which brought me into the general vicinity of Joe's house, so that's where I am now! Later we will be hanging out with another high school friend, Jennifer Mills. I am so excited to see her and hear how her life in New York has been going! (at least, I think that's where she has been...)

Still, with all this excitement, I am feeling a little icky, mainly because it is getting hot again after a short but oh-so-sweet cold snap. Also, my house is still a mess (
no body's fault but my own) and AuntieKnickers and CordeliaKnits are arriving on Tuesday. I will have to get on that at some point, but probably not today.

I think I will cheer myself up by looking at dogs on the

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Auntie Knickers said...

That looking at dogs stuff can be dangerous. Before you know it you are at their mercy! However, since we're already taken, I had a look. Check out the dog Remi. In what possible way is this dog a Labrador retriever?????
Seriously, it looks as if they have more cats in need of homes than dogs.