Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Musings on The Magician

I can't tell you how amusing this reading is to me...but I'll try.

I have often found that girls annoy me. I don't understand their round-about way of doing things, though I have adapted to fit in. So now I get this reading and it says that my card is all male and what-not!

An acting teacher in New York once told me that men are linear and women spiral, which is what makes it so difficult for us to communicate at times. But as he described attributes of these things, I realized I was much more linear at heart the spiral.

(on a side note, if you know me you are thinking, ("but elinor you talk so much!" this is true, but it's what I talk about and how I talk about it that's important)

Besides that, I think this card is dead-on for me. What do you (few) readers think?

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Onkel Hankie Pants said...

The miracle of the Tarot: If you believe they tell your story, then it is your story. And they will always show you your way, if you know your way.