Sunday, March 9, 2008

and finally, SPRING!

Even if I don't get internet at home, Spring means easier transportation and more of a willingness to leave the house. We have had a very cold winter here and it makes you want to stay in your warm, heat paid apartment, let me tell you!

OK, let me just say, that in comparison, I guess this winter wasn't so bad. But we had a couple of stretches where it was in the -20's with even colder wind chills, which is hard weather for a walker!

Notice how I am putting all this winter talk in past tense? Well, even though it snowed again yesterday, I refuse to commit to much more of this. Next week I have spring break, which will fly by, then Lydia is home, and this will go too quickly as well, as it always does. Then it will be April! It will be chilly, still jacket weather, and maybe still some snow, but by the end of April we will have seen the last of this Winter Business! I know it!

The other upshot of me having a computer will be the pictures of spring I plan on taking with my camera and posting on my blog! I am also going to try and find a way to post my Ellipsis project for Film and Video 1!


Auntie Knickers said...

I always think that by April 2 it should be spring, because the day C-knits was born it was. I too am optimistic -- the squirrels were out today.

Auntie Knickers said...

And, I have tagged you for the meme you helped me with, which I finally posted.