Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Belinda never lies...

for you out-of-towners, Belinda Jensen is the KARE 11 (our local NBC
station) head meteorologist, and she is very good! The weather today is
just what she said it would be, gray, but still feeling like spring. We
will probably even get rain this afternoon! If you read my last post, I
said I was elated. well, here's why...


Yesterday I walked to school (as always) wearing only my bright yellow spring jacket, instead of the semi-puffy red winter jacket I got in January (thanks mommy, it is an awesome jacket, but I hope not to have to wear it again for several months!). On the
way home, I didn't even wear that, and I was only sporting a t-shirt and jeans! Today, even though I knew it would be a little chillier because the sun won't be out, I wore layered spring jackets and my new keen sandals!! They are so awesome and this is my first day wearing them, so that makes me really happy.

The other reason I am so happy is because of my clothing. On Sunday I went shopping at Steve and Berry's. Now, I admit that I was hesitant about this excursion, because
I am verymiddle class and I have this semi-subconscious notion that if it is cheap it most look cheap. That doesn't mean I don't love a good deal, on the contrary, I love finding things at savers (like my yellowjacket that cost 7.99 - but it is originally from Gap) or even target. But I got myself to go to S&B's because they have a Sarah Jessica Parker line that goes up to my size and has really basic jeans.

I fell in love right away! I found two pairs of jeans, two cute t-shirts and a cute headband for about $47!! Let me break that down for you - they were having a sale where nothing in the store was over $8.98! Now, these are not the greatest jeans I will ever wear (so far, that title goes to my Dickie's) but they fit well, the butt pockets are spaced nicely, and they were hella cheap. What's not to love?

The other thing that makes me happy is the way my week is going. I talked with one of my teachers yesterday because I am doing very poorly in her class. She is giving me an amazing opportunity to redeem myself, and I feel like sending her flowers! I am getting more comfortable with the film camera (vs. the video we were using before) and am now more excited to do the actual film project. On Monday night I rearranged my apartment, which always makes me feel fresh and ready to face anything! Tonight I am going to babysit for theMadsen's again, who are one of my favorite families to see (The oldest is ten or eleven and listens to led zepplin and local music as well as playing the guitar himself, and the younger two are super cute ladies with tons of 'tude!) after that I'll head over to Market BBQ for some food, screenwriting
time and then Karaoke!! I love spending my Wednesday's this way!

OK, well, I best get to work. I hope everyone out there in cyber world is having as good a week as me!

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Auntie Knickers said...

Only in the 20s here, but still it is beginning to be spring, after all, the maple syrup tapping season is officially opened by the Governor tapping a tree on the Blaine House (gov's mansion) lawn. Ha! I bet Tim Pawlenty never does anything that cool!
The moldy leaves are causing a few daily sneezes, too, but still that's ok as it is a sign of spring.