Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Computer Woes

Well, I had a stressful couple of days! On Monday, about an hour before I got off work, my computer died. When I say "my", I mean of course my work computer. So, basically the monitor turned off. The computer was still whirring away, but I couldn't see anything!

Now, maybe you only use a computer at home for personal use, and it doesn't feel like the end of the world when your computer dies.

Or maybe you work for a big company and are therefore are in a situation where a technician will pop up to your office while you go get yourself a cool drink from the vending machine. No biggy.

Well, I work in a church office. And it's Holy Week. And next week the newsletter goes out. And people who know nothing about computers (*cough* 90% of the congregation *cough*) tend to blame computer problems on me, the lowly secretary.

But God took pity on me today. In her infinite wisdom she saw fit to guide me toward the computer fixers about two blocks from the church. If you ever have computer problems in Minneapolis, may I please recommend General Nano Systems on University. They had me in and out in less then half an hour, for less the $100, and with a smile on their faces (haven't there been studies done about how the act of smiling can calm people down? I think it works).

So, my baby is fixed and all is right with the world!

Soon I will pop out of here and go to Campus Pizza to eat and chat with my friend Joe-joe about bike buying. Then I am heading out to happy hour with my screenwriting group to work on our screenplay presentation for a while, and after that it is off to meet up with Joe-joe again for bike shopping! That's right, the next time you hear from me I may be the proud new owner of a bicycle!

What's this Spring Break I always hear college kids talking about...?


Auntie Knickers said...

Have you thought of taking your other "dead" computer to General Nano Systems?
Good luck on the bike shopping!

Leslie said...

Have you thought about getting a motorcycle? or a scooter? If you lived here, I'd just give you my bicycle because I never ride it. It's a pretty, blue Raleigh.

elinor said...

re: auntieknickers: yes, I will be taking my laptop in soon, most likely once I find out the cost of my dentistry needs.

re: leslie: Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I think constantly about getting a scooter - I pass by a vespa store everyday on my way home from work - but today it is snowing and wet and slushy, very dangerous for a to-wheeled-motor-powered vehicle, so I don't think it would be the best investment.
And don't think I don't know what your trying to do, bribing me with a free bike!

Leslie said...

Impressive, you putting your dental needs ahead of your laptop getting fixed. You and your sister are so practical and responsible.