Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Five

My mom invited anyone who wanted to to blog on the Friday Five:

Mother Laura Writes:

"Can you believe Daylight Savings Time is here already? It's hard to get used to the new, earlier onset. My family has been getting up and out a little late and a little sleepy in the mornings.

And can you believe that in two days it will be Palm Sunday for Western Christians? Our Lent is almost over, while our Orthodox sisters and brothers, whose liturgical year follows the older Julian calendar, are just starting theirs. Nicholas did a recent book report on George Washington, and we were surprised to find out that our first President's birthday was originally Feb. 11, since he was born just before the change to the Gregorian calendar. Apparently the change almost caused rioting, as some indignant people were sure that they were being cheated out of eleven days of their lives!

To help you adjust--and enjoy the process--here's a Friday Five about time and transitions...."

1. If you could travel to any historical time period, which would it be, and why?
Hmm, this is a very tricky one...the things that interest me most about history are the tiny, day to day life things. I guess if I had to choose only one I would go with sometime in the early 1800's. My brother and I were just talking about how cool it would be to have seen Lake Harriet (the lake we grew up near in the City of Lakes) before the parks and recreations board got a hold of it. Back then it was much more of a wetland then a lake, as I believe most "lakes" were in our city back then.

2. What futuristic/science fiction development would you most like to see?
Transporters! My former roommate and I would lament about the lack of transporters daily; if only we could just transport to the video store two blocks away!

3. Which do you enjoy more: remembering the past, or dreaming for the future?
Definitely dreaming of the future! When I can't sleep at night I daydream about what my daily life will be like in five, ten and sometimes 30 years!

4. What do you find most memorable about this year's Lent?
Well, there is a lot I will remember about the past few months, but about Lent in thing would have to be deciding to give up pop (soda) and then going out on Ash Wednesday (after services) and ordering a Whiskey and Coke! Ha! So, I changed my mind and decided to commit to walking more and drinking less pop, which has been going very well.

5. How will you spend your time during this upcoming Holy Week? What part do you look forward to most?
Holy week is my spring break, but since I still have to work, it is not that big of a deal. I will be scrambling to prepare the Prospectus and getting at least three bulletins made, hoping to catch my boss long enough for her to proof said bulletins, and catching up on school work. I think what I look foreword to the most is that on Palm Sunday my friend Stephen will be in church and I have not seen him in a few years. Then Lydia comes home for her spring break on Easter Weekend, so that will be great! I am hoping to get a few of the old youth group together to hang out, although where I don't know since my apartment is to small for more then two people!


Auntie Knickers said...

Thanks for playing! But whiskey and Coke -- bleahhh!

karlajean said...

Reconnecting with youth group friends during Holy great is that? May your week be filled with laughter and reconnecting and not too much busy-ness! Have fun~~

Mother Laura said...

So glad you joined us for Friday Five! Come back next week, okay?