Friday, March 14, 2008

Half Day Off

Today I do not need to Work at the Mall, which is good because it is TOO NICE OUT!!

This morning was chilly, but in true Minnesnowtan fashion, I chose not to bundle, and have been rewarded for my courage. The sun has melted the clouds as well as the thin layer of ice that appears each morning now.

I also had a nice treat this morning in that the treasurer's wife came in and hand delivered my mid-month paycheck. Having my student loan funds almost entirely still intact, it feels so good to put even more money in my bank account!

So that is my next stop, the bank, which is actually a co-op credit union, and then I am going to Target.

I can hear you now. "No! Elinor! Stay away from the big red bulls eye! Remember how good it feels to have money!? Don't go in there!"

But fear not, my foreboding friends, because I have a list. I realized last night when trying to watch my recently rented dvd of LittleBritain that the battery for my dvd remote is dead, which makes it hard to navigate the menu. So I need the battery, as well as orange juice (there are nasty things going around and I am determined not to catch them!), tall socks, and spinach. So, you see? I will be in and out in a matter of minutes!

Then back home for a relaxing evening cuddling with Winifred, perhaps some cleaning, and definite dvd watching!

I hope your day is going half as well as mine!

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Auntie Knickers said...

Well, both of us did some blogging, so that's good. It's not quite as nice here, but sunny, and as I hear from Rusty's screeches, squirrels are out. I guess he wants to go out now.