Thursday, March 13, 2008

springtime, redux

We are having beautiful weather again today, and I am stuck inside, as usual. But, only for another ten minutes! It has been a very slow and boring day today, as I was actually very productive on Monday and Wednesday. My boss was at a capital hill thing, so she wasn’t here to make more work for me, and the mail hasn’t come so there is no sorting and bill signing off on to be done either. Sigh.

I spent my day downloading some new tunes (only two that cost money as the others were “download of the week” selections). So I got Kanye West’s “Stronger” which has the wonderful lyric,

“You know how long I've been on ya?

Since Prince was on Apollonian

Since OJ had isotoners

Don't act like I never told ya”

Ok, so I don’t exactly understand the whole song, but these lyrics and the beat make it worth it!

The other song I got was Kate Nash’s “Foundations” which I absolutely love! I think I listened to it about ten times in a row trying to get the wording, beats and accent down (she is British, I am not, you see my problem). If you like Regina Spektor and Lilly Allen, you will probably enjoy Kate Nash. She adds a wonderful dark side to this otherwise run of the mill losing-love song.

So, I am going to leave work right at 1 today and walk slowly to the bus stop where I can enjoy the spring air (which will most likely make me sick from allergies) while I wait a little longer for the bus. Then I have to be at school early to meet with some classmates about a screenwriting project we are working on, and then my three hour screenwriting class.

Busy Spring Day Ahead! Yay!

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Auntie Knickers said...

Ah, but has the State High School Basketball Tournament happened yet? Ours has. So maybe that means the possible snowstorm for this weekend will miss us. It does feel a bit like spring even though it's only 33, there is more bare sidewalk every time I go out. Also more squirrels for Rusty to get excited about, and smells on the remaining snow that only he knows about.