Sunday, March 9, 2008

procrastination, lazyness... it what you will. I have been a very bad blogger. However, with a recession looming, loan money in my mailbox, and spring on the way, I hope to be better, truly!

So, let me explain a little of what is going on. First the recession. I work two shifts a week at an expensive children's clothing store. Yes, I said "expensive" and "children" in the same sentence. Now, I love the clothing. Much of it is organic cotton and it is all Oke-Tex certified, which means that it is put through rigorous tests to make sure it has no chemicals in it that could harm your child. Chemicals like pesticides, lead, mercury and over 100 others! The company is also Swedish inspired, and our motto is that "we believe in letting kids be kids", so you won't be finding any hoochie clothes for five year olds in our store!

But, even with these wonderful attributes, we are suffering greatly from the money woes of our fellow Americans. We have been 30-40 hours over payroll every week for the past few MONTHS! Our manager is now asking that we each see if there are sacrifices we can make in our hours. Seeing as how my "regular" job recently added two hours a week on to my time there and I just received another loan disbursement, I told my mang. that if she wants to cut me to one shift a week or even one shift every few weeks I would be fine with that. I can manage. There is even a possibility that I will take a short leave of absence at some point.

So, all this will begin taking effect the week after Easter (when our sales and number of customers will dwindle again after the spring break/Easter outfits rush). This works well for me as that is the week that Lydia will be home for spring break and I will be back from mine with mid-terms and big projects to prepare for. Unfortunately, my coworkers are not in the position I am in and will now be scrambling to make ends meet.

So, please, next time you are looking for something at a retail store, even a giant one, and they tell you something is unavailable, be nice to the sales clerk and don't make a big fuss about how it should be on back order. They can't afford it. None of us can.

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Auntie Knickers said...

A good point about being nice to salespeople.